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More spam. Or less.
skinny_bravo wrote in imgsrc_ru
Since some of you come here only to find "contacts" and for that reason go through the albums leaving tons of "password please" comments, password begging is now considered spam. Also you should think on how stupid is to hide your email in profile settings and then leave it in every comment made. Again, this is STUPID. So now on comments with emails will be randomly deleted. Leave a sensfull comment and an album owner will consider himself if he wants to reply back after going to your profile.

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My first couple of imgsrc accounts had my email address unhidden. I stopped that because I get loads (a few 100 every week) of spam on those email addresses. My nepal and rudolfriverside mail addresses are rendered useless as my mail box is always overflowing with spam so that not even imgsrc comments get through anymore.

Re: Revealing email address

Leaving your email at just another nearby page will give same results. Also using normal email services (like gmail) will help fighting spam.

Re: Revealing email address

I want to delete my email address from a comment I posted here can you halp

Re: Revealing email address

i not are spammer

cannot leave any messages

So what's the deal? I left a comment that didn't have an email address, wasn't lascivious in nature, and yet I can't reply to anyone now.

Does the commenting "privilege" return after a period of time?

You must have hit the bad words filter. This ban is temporary and will be removed in couple of minutes.

I don't remember hitting the bad words filter, but my comments aren't showing up. Can you please remove the ban. My email is on my profile page. My imgsrc name is homers85.


Many users got their e-mail hidden and ask to request passwords to their albums thru comments. I think that it would be resonable to don't consider the "password" as spam.

My account was locked out for service rules violations but no specific rule was given. To my knowledge, I have followed all the rules that I'm aware of. Can you point it out for me, please? My account name is mandingo23.

Quero retornar a deixar comentários nas fotos

Password não pode e nem senha, qual é o problema? Eu deixei um comentário que não tem um endereço de e-mail, não foi lascivo por natureza, e ainda não posso responder a qualquer um agora. A comentando "privilégio" de retorno após um período de tempo?Por favor né...

Senha nao PoDE e Nem Senha, e qua o Problema? Eu deixei hum Comentário Que nao TEM UM Endereço de e-mail, nao FOI lascivo Por Natureza, E ainda nao Posso responder uma QUALQUÉR hum ágora. A comentando "Privilegio" de Retorno apos hum periodo de ritmo? Por favor né ...

i am not spammer skinny leave me commentar all the photo please I write how speaking the children te doctor i am not pedophile but clevere gentleman polite good and kind

skinny I'm not spammer but polite,gentlemen good shy kind clever leave me add coment please not cancelle i'm not put pornografia never child sex nevere messagge ugly alone messagge how speaking doctor and children

My comments do not appear on page. Why?
i'm not spammer
I can go to comments page again?

i'm newbie sorry,but in faq I did not understand anything,better explain thanks

I am a member and haven't made one comment because the other users comment section says thisuser only allows comments with those with more than 12 photos. I have20 photos but still can't comment. Whats up?

These photos are probably not yet checked by a moderator.

so, if u hit the spam filter, you can't even comment on your own albums?
i hit it on accident, a album called "left or right" gave a forward saying for you to tell which was cuter, so i did that for a few pics and now... i can't reply to my on my own ics

I am not a spam please let see comments on my albums, thanks.

because I can not comment on other albums?

why cant i post comments on my own imgsrc albums >.>? kinda silly .. im not spamming myself xD

i am member and have 94 photos
why i am still can't coment ?
what's up

why cant I post comments on my own imgsrc albums or on others.
I just have begin a account so I am not spamming. I have reacted once on a others page and now I wane react on my one page (to answer a question of a fellow member) what am I doing wrong?
pleas leaf commend at my mailbox (

Hi My ip address is blocked. My email is It is not a spam. And I didnt read FAQ in the first place. Can you please unblock it. Thanks. Thanks again for warning me. : )

Why i cant see my post to comments? I did follow your rules about how to post a comment properly but it doesnt appear.. i post decently.. why i cant see it?


i cant leave a commetn on my own or other album whats wrong?
my mail address is

why is my ip address temporarily blockrd, i did not ask for any passes

In not spam I'm corilinsex and can't read any of my comments can some one please help me in not spam thank u

And my iP is blocked too I too didn't ask for any passes please help me I would appreciate it thank u

Edited at 2013-12-29 05:31 am (UTC)

Not spam my email is I'm not spam can u help me with issues thay u

My commits do not appear on imgsrc page after I have logged on.

hi I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but none of my comments are appearing. have I triggered the spam filter? my username is njf13877

i guess i take it im blocked, i am not spam please reinstate me please

Why has my IP been blocked? I'm not a spammer. I don't even have any albums posted. I've also been having trouble getting into some albums for a few days. Please unblock my IP.

How do I make a comment about an album?

How do I make a comment about an album?

i can't post no comments anymore on my page on imgsrc, how is that possible and is it possible to put comments again ? i hope i can put comments again soon, since i don't know what went wrong, hope you can help me

my page on imgsrc is Lucky-number13 and my email is

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