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самый бесплатный фотохостинг

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More spam. Or less.
skinny_bravo wrote in imgsrc_ru
Since some of you come here only to find "contacts" and for that reason go through the albums leaving tons of "password please" comments, password begging is now considered spam. Also you should think on how stupid is to hide your email in profile settings and then leave it in every comment made. Again, this is STUPID. So now on comments with emails will be randomly deleted. Leave a sensfull comment and an album owner will consider himself if he wants to reply back after going to your profile.

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My first couple of imgsrc accounts had my email address unhidden. I stopped that because I get loads (a few 100 every week) of spam on those email addresses. My nepal and rudolfriverside mail addresses are rendered useless as my mail box is always overflowing with spam so that not even imgsrc comments get through anymore.

Re: Revealing email address

Leaving your email at just another nearby page will give same results. Also using normal email services (like gmail) will help fighting spam.

Re: Revealing email address

I want to delete my email address from a comment I posted here can you halp

Re: Revealing email address

i not are spammer

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