November 17th, 2010

  • tcd7568

iMGSRC.RU Image Source Question PLEASE!

My username is TCD7568. I logged in to my account and found out Account locked out for service rules violation. I completely do not understand, I created an album and uploaded 2 pictures that I photographed with my own digital camera. The pictures are NOT from other sites  and DO NOT contain other site's watermark and/or copyright . The pictures are NOT porn, definitely NOT child porn, NO nudity, one picture is sunset other picture is flowers.  There is NO ads (links to other sites, etc) on images and/or album name/description and/or comments. The account was NOT created for trade reasons only,even though there are so many other people who do have accounts for trade reasons only so many people who post p4p which refers to password for password or other trade suggestions and you keep allowing it which I do not think is fair at all. Anyway also NO Gigatribe and NO spam. Again I completely do not understand why my account was locked out. Can you PLEASE explain to me why my account was locked out? I am sorry if I did do something wrong,PLEASE forgive me! I have been a member of Image Source for a very long time. If possible can you PLEASE consider giving me a second chance PLEASE? I PROMISE I will not make the same mistake again! Thankyou and Greatly Appreciate! Tim