January 19th, 2012

  • loo0ool

The feature 'View all images on one page' is gone !

view all images on one page

Yes, indeed. You're right _al_maz_ and comp_ass (http://imgsrc-ru.livejournal.com/246089.html, translated here)

Why this useful feature is gone ????????

Some endless albums contain hundreds of photos, sometimes more than thousand like here http://imgsrc.ru/arcticandi/a574823.html !
I can't imagine have to click thousand of times to view all the pictures of such an album. Honestly, I would give up soon before the end.

skinny_bravo, is that your answer to make yours servers less overloaded ?
This is quite disappointing. Is there no alternative?

And something else very strange:
When you display imgsrc albums in russian, you can have up to 48 thumbnails in one page, but when displaying in english, you have only 12 thumbnails per page available !

page displayed in russian

Page displayed in russian

page displayed in english
Page displayed in english