March 17th, 2017

  • zebel3

My albums are removed

Dear Admin,
I live in Iran, whose Internet is slowest and most expensive (1.1 dollars per MB) in the world. is censored here so we have to use VPN to access it.

I uploaded 750+ images in Nudity section. I didn't set any password because none of the pictures were pornographic or copyright-protected. All people in the pics were 18+. Unfortunately after spending 5-6 hours uploading my albums were removed. Before that there was a message: "Album is taken down for inspection" without mentioning what was wrong with which image.

Please in the future, after each "REPORT ABUSE", send an ultimatum email to the user and mention which image has problem, so that we can delete the picture.

I look forward for your answer.
PS. My username at is "zebel3".