loo0ool (loo0ool) wrote in imgsrc_ru,

Votes + troubles while watching albums

1°) On July, the votes "t_down.png Cast a vote! t_up.png" that appear under the pictures have been reseted. Why ?

2°) I have some troubles when I'm browsing imgsrc photo albums. Sometimes, when I click on a link inside an album, I get a blank page.
If I browse an album with the function "view all images on one page", I can see the page but the images are not displayed. If I right click in the area where should be an image and select "View Image", I get a white page with only the url of the image. If I am in someone's account main page, the page is displayed properly, except the avatar.
I have to wait 10 or 15 minutes before being able to watch albums again. And that problem happen quite frequently when I'm browsing albums.
Strangely, by using a proxy, the problem disappears.
Is there some quotas, blocking temporarily IPs of people reaching a limit ?

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