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самый бесплатный фотохостинг

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Pictures loading very slowly : have to refresh page several times before everything is displayed !
loo0ool wrote in imgsrc_ru
What's going on ?
Things was quite normal since November and I enjoyed it, but loading pictures is getting worse ... again !
Hopefully, I'm very patient and  I hit several times F5 button in order to display all the pictures of each pages. But that remains boring anyway, and I bet many people are thinking the same when they are browsing imgsrc.ru albums.
Are you encountering trouble with your servers ?
Can we expect back to normal soon ?

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Maybe because you are to slow to read just a few posts below and finally come to understanding there problems were are working on?


No at all! I never post without reading.
Of course I read your post, but you said 'some albums not showing pictures'.
And I'm experiencing trouble with all the albums that I'm browsing these days.
And you said (2012/01/05) that it will take '1-2 days, maximum'.
We are now 9th of January in Russia.
So what's about the situation now?

If you have issues with ALL albums you should enable javascript in your browser.

Javascript is enabled. Problem does not come from here.

And I'm sorry, you were right: not all the pictures are difficult to load.
I just make random browsing on some albums using search: pictures on some albums are loading pretty well but the pictures on other albums remain very difficult to load. Problem isn't resolved yet.
I noticed these days some comments about the same problem. I'm not the only one experiencing that...
What's about the situation now? What is exactly the problem?


Things seem back to normal for "eu" server. Good work. Thank you.
It's again a pleasure to browse imgsrc albums!

ALL the pictures have been working fine for me, until the recent holidays... Most of the posters come up fine, but ALL, yes ALL the posted albums from "donavi2" come up blank. I look through other albums from other posters just fine. But "donavi2" is always "x"'ed out.

I have checked all my setting that might be causing the error... so it must be at that end... Any thoughts?!?!?

I know other people can see the albums, based on the comments sections.... WEIRD!

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