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Pictures of iMGSRC.RU was and are still difficult to load during the day in Europe !

Update of http://imgsrc-ru.livejournal.com/240162.html.

...in fact, things are not normal at all, I spoke a bit too quickly...
About my last message: 'Things seem back to normal for "eu" server', I was browsing imgsrc albums during the night or very early in the morning (Europe, GMT+1).

But during the day, things are like I said first in the other post: pictures are loading very slowly, and we have to refresh page several times before everything is displayed ! Sometimes more than 2 minutes to display 1 picture and 12 thumbnails!
I am speaking here only for people living in Europe.

Only pictures located in the Russian server b0.eu.imgsrc.ru (IP= are loading very very quickly all the time.
All the other pictures, from the server in the Netherlands b1.eu.imgsrc.ru to b7.eu.imgsrc.ru (IP=, are loading very painfully.

The time response for the Russian server is very short (average around 1 second).
But the time response for the server of the Netherlands vary from 1 second to more than 60 seconds (timeout)!!!!! (average around 15 seconds)
It seems that the LeaseWeb server in Netherlands cannot support the load when all the european users are awake and trying to browse albums in the same time.

Why the LeaseWeb server is so slow ?
Is there any hope for having this problem fixed ?
(I don't enjoy to have to wake up during the night to be able to browse albums properly)
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  • 9174337478 - ПаНо

    Фото из альбома ПаНо (c) 9174337478.iMGSRC.RU Больше красоты на iMGSRC.RU.

  • 9174337478 - N Colour

    Фото из альбома N Colour (c) 9174337478.iMGSRC.RU Больше красоты на iMGSRC.RU.

  • sv_etik - Осень 2021

    Фото из альбома Осень 2021 (c) sv_etik.iMGSRC.RU / liana_liana Больше красоты на iMGSRC.RU.

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