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OMFG, Cops Go After Parents!

Сегодня получили интересное чтиво от соратников по борьбе с педофилами настоящими о борцах ненастоящих. Самый сильный пассаж -

A nudist family had their life disrupted because they had photos of their teenaged daughter sunbathing in the back yard. William Lerch was convicted as a child pornographer for taking a nude photo of his daughter when she was playing just before taking her bath. One photo, which showed the girl hugging her mother, was described by prosecutors as showing "imminent lesbian incest."

(RUS: Вкратце, отец семейства нудистов за фотографию обнаженной жены и обнимающей ее дочери был обвинен в детской порнографии, а фото было названо "лесбийским инцестом".)

With broadened definitions the police began going after other nefarious individuals—artists or parents with nude pictures of their children.

David and Patsy Urban were arrested for producing child pornography. David Urban is a photographer who returned home one day, as his wife was about to take a bath with their 15-month-old grandchild. The child was playing and Urban took some photos, which were dropped off at a local store for developing. When he went to pick up the photos he was arrested and police falsely told local media that the photos included ones of Patsy having sex with the child.

Photographer Alice Sims had taken some nude photographs of her daughter, which attracted local police. When US Postal Inspector Robert Northrup raided the woman's home she pointed out her artistic credentials and argued that the photo was not pornographic. Northrup told her: "Art is anything you can get away with. This is all filth."

Police in San Francisco raided the home of photographer Jock Sturgis alleging that he was a child pornographer. Sturgis had taken many photos of families at various nudists resorts in the US and Europe. Police charged that these photos were actually child pornography because they included nude children. Sturgis reported: "In the course of their investigation, the FBI effectively traumatized the hell out of a lot of children." He told of one child who was interrogated without the presence of her parents and who thought she was in trouble and would go to jail "for having made naked pictures". Without exception the parents all defended Sturgis and his work, which was not sexual.

Photographer Ejlat Feuer of New Jersey had his children taken into "protective custody" in the middle of the night because he had photographed his daughter in the nude. Dr. Mary Ann LoFrumento, a pediatrician who examined Feuer's daughter said that the police investigation traumatized the child. She said: "Leah is not suffering from the effects of the pictures, but from the arrest of her father and questioning by the police."

William Kelly was arrested because his young son and daughter had used the family camera and taken nude photos of each other. Police insisted that Kelly had taken the photos and the children were threatened with jail time in juvenile hall if they didn't charge their father. The girl finally accused her father but in court admitted "I told him [the police officer] yes. I thought if he heard what he wanted to hear everything would be all right." Kelly sued the police for abuse and was awarded $55,000 but the award was later overturned when a judge ruled that the police are immune from liability.

James Smith was convicted of child pornography for some photos he took of three young girls. The girls were totally clothed in all the pictures but the court ruled them pornographic because the girls were playing with a mink tail and pretending to whip each other with it. Prosecutors claimed the tail was a "whip-like device" and that the horsing around of the children was "sadistic and masochistic abuse."

George Dimock was arrested for possessing a photo of his two-and-a-half-year-old son standing nude in a wading pool. Well-known photographer Robyn Stoutenburg had a nude photo of her 4-year-old son confiscated from a gallery because police contended it was pornographic. Marilyn Zimmerman, an artist and professor at Wayne State University, was raided by police as a child pornographer because she had taken nude photos of three-year-old daughter. Luckily for her, Michigan's law on child porn exempted nudity that has "artistic value".

Kathyrn Myers entered hell when she took some film in for developing. Unbeknown to her the film contained some nude photos taken by her 8-year-old daughter. Myers even forgot to pick up the developed film, which was then inspected. Police were called and Myers arrested. Police interrogation so terrified the girl, who thought she was in trouble for taking the photos that she said she didn't know who took the photos. On the basis of the girl denying knowledge of the photos the mother was arrested and charged. It later turned out that the girl had taken the photographs of a friend and said they were playing "baby" and were naked and crawling around on the floor.

Зачем же так не дружить с головой? Ну и еще много букв тут.

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