heldigefjolle (heldigefjolle) wrote in imgsrc_ru,

Something wrong with your batch-uploader?!


I really want to upload multiple pictures on your website, iMGSRC.RU, because I'm tired of only uploading 5 pictures on time.
So I went this site http://imgsrc.ru/cli/soft/index.php, where I can download your batch-uploader-program.

I downloaded it and click on the .exe-file.
But everytime I get this message:

I click "OK" and then I get this message:

If I click "Ignore" the message dissapered and give me a new message with a missing-file.
Even if I try to install the program in Russian I got that message.

What to do?!
Sorry for my bad English :)
I think you can click on the images to get them bigger.

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