jbdad (jbdad) wrote in imgsrc_ru,

my account

I made an account on IMGSRC and spent hours uploading my photos then I go to sign in today and my account has been closed
for reposts "" what the fuck " All my photos are private taken by me and have never been posted on the internet.

iMGSRC do you treat all your new members like you have treated me ??? your out of fucking order and I am not happy about it
at all you need new mods because the mods you got are fucking retards and are fucking your site up bigtime

As for my account you can stick it up your ass I will post my shit else were

Oh one thing more because you waisted my time deleting my account for no reason whatsoever
I feel your website & server must be punished :) How about a weeks down time or I take your server :)
ether way your getting it

Revenge is a bitch :)

  • 9174337478 - ПаНо

    Фото из альбома ПаНо (c) 9174337478.iMGSRC.RU Больше красоты на iMGSRC.RU.

  • 9174337478 - N Colour

    Фото из альбома N Colour (c) 9174337478.iMGSRC.RU Больше красоты на iMGSRC.RU.

  • sv_etik - Осень 2021

    Фото из альбома Осень 2021 (c) sv_etik.iMGSRC.RU / liana_liana Больше красоты на iMGSRC.RU.

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